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Student Leadership

Grade 9 and 10 students have the opportunity to serve on the Student Leadership Committee. The SLC is one of many leadership groups at our school.

The Student Leadership Committee is elected by students and staff. They meet regularly and discuss students’ ideas for improvement and positive change for the school. They also are important role models who represent their grade and school at public functions.

The Student Leadership Committee has the following leadership positions:


  • Co-Presidents – Olivia B and Julius D
  • Secretary – Ebony E
  • Secretary - Ella T
  • Head House Captain - Annabelle K
  • Treasurer - Philip T
  • Treasurer - Daniel X
  • Zoe H
  • Aaron Mc
  • Keyarna B
  • Hannah B
  • Harrison G
  • Curtis T
  • Emily G
  • Katie H
  • Belinda C
  • Hayley F
  • Dylan L

House Captains

Austin (White)

Ashlyn W
Daniel X

Dowsing (Green)

Hannah B
Emma S

Faulkner (Blue)

Annabelle K
Ella T

O’Brien (Orange)

Amsbury G
Chloe S