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Support Staff

At Montrose Bay High School, we believe students succeed best in a friendly and secure environment where they feel safe and valued. We are always working towards success for all of our students and our supportive school community is an important part of our school success.

We believe students succeed best when they are involved in a positive, engaging culture of learning and development.  It enables students to develop a sense of connectedness and belonging.

The school community (parents, staff, students and wider community) are supported through a well-developed grade system. The Grade Coordinators and members of the grade teams move through the school with their students. Home Class Teachers and Tutors also get to know their students really well.

Supporting this pastoral care structure are a range of programs tailored to both Senior and Junior school students using a variety of specialist support staff.

The support staff for 2016 are:

School Chaplains

Cameron Brett

School Nurse

Jessica Isaac

Social Worker

Paul Kempys

School Psychologist

Andrea McCarthy

Internship Coordinator

Selina Barrow

Specialist Teacher Assistants

Julie Iles, Lynne Fulton, Dean Chatwin, Leanne Cooper, Jared Brown, Jared Andrew, Raeleen Smith and Jo Briggs

Support Teachers

Sarah Parish and Ann Holloway

 Outdoor Ed


HWB Class