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Equipment Resource and Information Centre

The ERIC is the Montrose Bay High School space where our students can access information.

The Equipment Resource and Information Centre is open from 9:00 am until 3.00pm.

Students are able to borrow and return resources, and to study, research or read during those times.

You can also change your password, through the MyLogin computer, dedicated to this in ERIC.

Past copies of the annual School Magazine are available from the school.


Whatever item you take out on loan, you are responsible for it. If you damage or lose an item, you are expected to replace or pay for it. Do not loan items to a friend. Get the loan changed into your friend’s name. Then if it is lost, they pay for it!


To borrow simply tell the Resource and Information Centre staff your name and grade which is entered into the computer. The item's barcode is scanned into the computer and the book is on loan to you.

  • You may borrow up to 7 items at a time.
  • The normal loan period is two weeks, although you may extend a loan. Some items are on loan for a term (e.g. a class novel) or a year (e.g. a Maths or Science textbook).
  • To return an item simply put it in the return slot in the Equipment Resource and Information Centre circulation desk.

Finding Things

You can look up information in the Equipment Resource and Information Centre catalogue which is on this web page or two computers in the ERIC, set up solely for this purpose.

In the catalogue you can:

  • Search for an item by title, author or subject
  • Check what items the Resource and Information Centre has on a particular subject, or by a particular author
  • Check to see if an item is available or out on loan

You can also ask Mrs Mallett or Mrs Gard for help.

Internet Policy

Montrose Bay High School has a strict computer usage policy. The use of the Internet and a school laptop is a privilege, not a right. Inappropriate use will result in cancellation of the privilege. Basically use your common sense. If in doubt, ask.

The following materials may not be accessed, stored or reproduced:

  1. Materials of an explicit sexual nature.
  2. Materials dealing with illicit drugs (unless for legitimate school work).
  3. Material of a violent, sexist or racist nature.
  4. Material containing language that is deemed obscene or unacceptable at school.

Be aware of copyright. You may only copy (onto disk or into print) for personal study use.

Other Libraries


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