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Social Worker

The Social Work role within schools focuses on supporting students learning and providing opportunities to shape a positive future. This involves working with students, their families and various service providers in the community.

School Social Workers assist to address any barriers that exist for students such as: personal (emotional/psychological issues), family relationships, health issues, grief and loss, school avoidance and financial hardship. We offer students support with these issues individually in counselling sessions or by delivering educational health programs in student groups within classrooms.

Our role is not all gloom and doom with many opportunities for celebration with young people. School Social Workers work towards building positive relationships between school and home to offer young people protective community networks so they can realise their potential.


Sally Gourlay

I’ve been working as a School Social Worker for a long time now – over 20 years. I’ve worked in schools all over the south of the state, but I like working in high schools most. I’ve just moved to Montrose Bay High in 2018 after being at my last school for 8 years. It’s good to have a change and I’m really enjoying my time at Montrose Bay. I’m at MBHS every day except for Thursdays when I work at another school called EdZone.

Social Workers in schools provide confidential counselling and support to students and their families around a range of issues which could include relationships, mental health difficulties, attendance issues, and safety issues such as suicide, self-harm, child safety and homelessness. Basically, we work to overcome barriers that prevent students from getting the most out of being at school.

I can be contacted directly by parents or students or through referral from school staff.