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Connect, Innovate, Educate


You join the school at a time of amazing change and development.

Montrose Bay High School is a progressive school with traditional values. We offer a stimulating curriculum that covers a full range of subjects.

Montrose Bay High School is a co-educational high school currently with two campuses on one site. Our main campus for Grade 7–10 and the other is a Big Picture Centre for selected Grade 9 and 10 students, which is located on our Main Campus.

We enrol boys and girls in Grades 7–10 from across the ability range.

Our school aims to provide success for all of our students by working in partnership with our parents and the wider community.

General Information

The school sets high academic standards and is renowned for its innovative programs, committed staff and ethic of care.

Examples of our innovation include the Big Picture campus where each student is encouraged to develop Individual Learning Plans. A wide range of extra curricular programs (such as camps, excursions, and major Arts Productions) enrich students’ learning experiences. For more information about Big Picture schools please visit www.bigpicture.org.au.

We are very fortunate at Montrose Bay High School in that we have an energetic and enthusiastic staff who want to be at our school and are very committed to the students. We have a good mix of young and more experienced teachers.

Your child is an important person to us. We are very keen to ensure that all of our students are supported in their schooling and we are particularly energetic in ensuring that instances of bullying and harassment are dealt with promptly and effectively.

We are proud of our school and our students. This is a school that cares about people and believes that schools should be enjoyable and challenging places where everyone can succeed.

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