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Montrose Bay High School

Welcome to Montrose Bay High School's website.


Our Mission Statement

"Connect, Innovate, Educate"

Montrose Bay High School encourages all students to strive for excellence in learning by providing a caring, supportive and stimulating educational environment.

Our Shared Values


Accepting people for who they are, regardless of difference, and not being judgemental towards others.


Respecting yourself and showing care and interest in others and respecting those with diverse opinions and backgrounds.


Working with enthusiasm and determination to achieve the best you can.


Being accountable for all your actions.


Showing fair treatment towards others.


Demonstraiting truth and honesty in what you do and say.


Meeting the school standards by following all agreed rules and expectations.

Stop Work Action

Dear parents

As a result of the Stop Work Action scheduled for this Thursday the Minister for Education and Training has announced that all schools will close for the entire day on Thursday, 27 November 2014. 

The Minister has deemed that the time from 10.30 am to the end of the school day should be used for professional learning. To compensate for this, schools will have one less professional learning day in 2015 and therefore there will be one additional student attendance day as a result of this.

As such, please do not send your children to school on Thursday, 27 November. School will re-open as normal on Friday, 28 November. There will be no school buses running on this  day due to the fact that the school is closed for students.

I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause; however, this decision was made by the Minister.