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School Association

The School Association is the peak decision-making body of the school. Members of the School Association include students, parents, teachers and members of the broader community.

School Association Members of 2017


Nerida Plumpton
Email: neridaplump@hotmail.com

Vice President

Shane Alderton
Email: shaldz296@gmail.com


Sharon Lacey


Anne Stewart

Public Officer

Mandy Reynolds-Smith (Principal)

Student Representatives

Julius Daguman, Olivia Bennett


Staff Representatives

Sharon Lacey (School Business Manager)
Mandy Reynolds-Smith (Principal)
Anne Stewart (Assistant Principal)
Megan Bennell (Teacher)
James Clark(Assistant Principal)
Therese Smith (Teacher)

Community Representatives

Kristie Johnston

Parent Representatives

Nerida Plumpton
Helen Anderson
Belinda Stone
Guy Phillips
Earle Patman
Shane Alderton
Michele Burnett
Debbie Fenton

About the School Association

Our school association is made up of parents, students, staff and community representatives. It is the peak decision making body for the school that determines things such as:

  • how the budget is spent
  • the values and beliefs of the school
  • the school policies and codes of conduct and
  • advice to the Principal on the operation and management of the school.

We are seeking parents who would like to have their voice heard to nominate for a position on the School Association. The Association meets every month for about an hour after school.

Further Information

Please contact Sharon Lacey on (03) 6208 2666 during office hours or e-mail: sharon.lacey@education.tas.gov.au for information regarding the following:

  • Membership and contact information
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Agenda
  • Constitution